Reductive Design
Reductive Design is an analytical approach to creativity that considers the weight and worth of all we produce and consume. And suggests that before we bring anything new into the world, we should first practise the appreciation of what we already have.

Part of that means being accountable as digital designers, for the CO2 our activities produce. In truth, it’s actually pretty easy to drastically reduce our emissions. And in a fairly short space of time.

Some of my practical actions you might like to try:

Work less. Be more Lagom.

Reduce the time you spend on social media. Remember, every post pollutes. (Whether you’re pinging, flicking or clicking).

According to Tom Greenwood of Wholegrain Digital, if the internet were a country, it’s CO2 emissions would be greater than that of Germany's.

So, reduce the footprint of your website:

By switching to a wind powered host. Like Green Hosting for example.

Ditch using Javascript (making all those CPU demands).

Stop collecting user data and sifting through analytics.

Get shot of your video content. Especially the stuff that auto-loads.

Reduce the size and frequency of all colour imagery. Or at least adopt a better file format, like WebP.

Reduce the amount of copy and content you produce, actively encouraging consumers to spend less time on your site.

Work from home and switch to an eco friendly energy supplier. According to Which there are actually only three in the UK that are truly green.

Reduce your turnover by donating a percentage to worthy causes. Like 1% For The Planet.

Switch to an environmentally and/or ethically minded bank (thus reducing the chances of your money being used to fund unethical or environmentally regressive investments)

Reduce the time spent staring at screens and instead, look up and out at nature.

As a consequence, you will automatically

Reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better and feel generally more content.

Or download this pictographic summary instead.
A downloadable PDF summarising many of the lowering emissions tips in pictographic format.