To the creative kids
When I was 10 years old, my grandparents took me to an Ancient Egyptian exhibition.

Asides from the statuettes, the golden treasures and the replica of King Tut’s mask,

It was the hieroglyphs that stopped me in my tracks.

My brain has never dealt well with maths puzzles and reams of text.

So coming face to face with an entirely different way of communicating,

Through this rich and complex language of pictograms, colours and shapes...

It completely blew my mind.

Suddenly, I had been tuned into the frequency of symbols and signage and… design.

And now, some 25+ years into my career,

I find it a travesty that we’re still failing as a nation to find alternative ways of inspiring and engaging with our brilliantly creative kids. Many of whom are still falling through the gaps of our Victorian curriculum.

From the introverted ‘misfits’ like me to the noisy ‘disruptive’ ones.

This is where we’ll find tomorrows 24 carat ideas.

Because our planet is literally on fire.

And we need all the dreamers and thinkers and makers and creators we can gather.

Not to add to the noise.

But to help us define new and creative ways of tackling the many challenges we face.

So, I’m designing my own creative field guide.

Aimed at passing on as much of my knowledge as I can.

To (hopefully) encourage, support and inspire.

Free forever and as a downloadable file.
(Available Summer 2024.)