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Six washing label styled pictograms summarising my approach to design. Ranging from being a carbon negative supplier, helping brands shift biases via design, supporting social change initiatives, being a master of the digital crafts, being trusted by global brands and designers and being a proud member for one percent for the planet.
A series of nine pictographic illustrations from my Reductive Design course, of seemingly random objects. Ranging from a perfume bottle, King Tuts mask, the Clapham North underground sign and a Bialetti Moka Pot amongst other things.

Pictograms from my Reductive Design course

Four pages from my booklet on Generating Original Ideas. Each page contains a different suggestion and is illustrated using colourful pictograms.

Extracts from my primary school workshop booklet
entitled, 'Generating Original Ideas'

Three colourful icons representing flavours that are Fruity, Sour and Citrusy.

Flavour icons for an Indian drinks brand

A page layout showing the word for Tree in multiple different languages on one side. On the other a single pictogram of a tree, to highlight that symbols often do a better job at communicating globally.

Layouts from my book on Reductive Design

A photo of four brightly coloured tote bags. Each one featuring a different motif.

The Man Bag, School Bag, Carrier Bag & Hand Bag.
(Each tote donates 100% of profits to charity.)

A poster designed to commemorate 2020 as a collection of stamps. Each of the tweleve stamps features a pictogram that summarises the key event from each month.

(Print-It-Yourself) 2020 Visions poster

A downloadable poster providing tips and tricks on reducing your digital emissions as a digital designer.

Downloadable 'Lowering Digital Emissions' poster

A selection pictograms representing different holiday types. (E.g. Good for kids, Apr├Ęs-ski, Mountain spa etc.)

Single-colour pictograms for a UK travel brand

Three standard application icons for Print, Save and Trash. However the Print icon features the symbol of a tree on top of the paper. The Save icon is overlaid with 2g, to signify the current carbon cost of the file in grams. The Trash symbol features the recycle symbol, to remind us to recycle rather than landfill.

The World's first 'Econography' set.
(Dissuading us from needlessly pressing print.
Counting the carbon size of our files.
Reminding us to recycle rather than landfill.)

A selection of in-app and product icons from the Electrolux suite.

Iconography suite for Electrolux | AEG
(A redesign that reduced the number of assets by 60%.)