A selection of icons taken from the Nissan set.
Nissan Icons
Originally planned as an evolution of Nissan's icon style, this project soon went on to redefine what modern automotive iconography can achieve. Out went the symbols of generic tools and engine parts. In came extensions of the Nissan experience. Icons crafted in the same vein as the vehicles, depicting recognisable, human-centric forms.
An illustration showing how certain angles and visual features were lifted from the in-car symbols and reused in the digital set.
Two before and after symbols, illustrating how I've taken a more human approach to the set. The first icon is for 'Book A Service' which moves away from scredriver and wrench metaphor to a Nissan mechanic holding a clipboard. The second is for '4 Wheel Drive' which moves away from a axel and wheel based metaphor to a Nissan vehicle driving uphill.