Project Process
Since 2008 I’ve designed global iconography strategies and suites for the World’s biggest brands. Each engagement coming via personal recommendation or word-of-mouth.

In that time I have fine-tuned a 3-phase process for delivering fully rounded icon strategies, tailored to the requirements of each individual brand.

Before we get started...

If you would like to discuss a brief, it is useful to have a clear understanding of:

  • The overarching ambitions of your redesign?
  • How many icons and size variations are required?
  • Whether your existing icons have been audited or categorised?
  • Are the icons intended for digital and/or print?
  • (If digital) Are active states and/or animations required?
  • How do you need the final assets supplied? (File formats etc.)
  • My 3-phase process then takes the following shape:

    Phase 1: Definition

    The first phase of work consists of me deep-diving into the brand. It’s about getting familiar with the corporate character, existing design principles, key visual assets and the current iconography styles.

    At the end of Phase 1, I will present back a document which distills the findings above and recommends some key areas of development. The document will also contain examples of potential visual styles, both in moodboard format and as mid-fidelity vector sketches.

    Phase 2: Design

    This phase is all about focusing in on a core set of shapes and assumes that a stylistic preference is starting to emerge.

    Typically, I take between 8-10 icons found in the most commonly occurring use-cases and develop them into 2-3 potential directions.

    At the end of Phase 2, we should have a solid chosen approach, consisting of around 15 icons in one hi-fidelity style.

    Phase 3: Delivery

    The final phase covers both the output of assets and the production of any guidance.

    Crucially, the comprehensive design guidance will ensure that your own internal design teams are left with the tools needed to continue to creation of assets. Naturally, I am also very happy to create every asset as part of the delivery.

    Let's discuss.

    Once you’ve gathered together the information above, please email the studio with your written brief and I’ll happily get back to you with timings and costs. Many thanks, Rob.